Why Custom Songs are the greatest gift on the planet: 10 Reasons

1. They aren’t fattening and won’t rot your teeth.

2. They do not wilt, fade, or require watering.

3. They are totally green! When you buy a custom song from customserenade.com we will email you an mp3 packed with musical goodness that celebrates its recipient. There is no packaging, no shipping material (or cost), and nothing to throw away.

4. Odds are the recipient doesn’t already have one.

5. The surprise element: Most people don’t even know about custom songs, much less expect to receive one.

6. Custom Songs don’t take up room in the closet or garage.

7. No other gifts convey your feelings and thoughts the way a custom song does. Whether you supply us with information or actual lyrics, the person that receives the song as a gift will know how you feel about them.

8. No batteries required!

9. Music is the universal language of love!

10. Custom Songs are collections of thoughts, memories, and feelings presented in the form of melodies and lyrics that will form the ultimate tribute to their recipients!

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