Want a discount for your Custom Song? Help us out on facebook and elsewhere!

There are numerous ways you can get discounts for helping us out on-line. For any of the offers involving facebook. Please use the following link:

Custom Serenade on Facebook

1. “Like” us on facebook. -$2.00 from you order.

2. Write something positive on our facebook wall -$5.00

3. “Share” one of our posts on facebook. Merely push the share button!

4. Link to us as your status update. Write something like “I want one of these” or “Wouldn’t this make a great gift?” and then link to https://customserenade.com

facebook -$3.00
twitter -$3.00

4. Write a blog post about us which includes a link to the website. -$5.00

5. Trade links with us. -$2.00

6. Recommend us to a friend. We will credit you with 10 dollars for every customer you refer to us after they have placed an order.

7. Check our facebook page frequently. We often offer huge discounts there!

We will ask you to provide us with links so that we can see any of the above actions, but GO FOR IT. Do as many as you’d like! They can really add up to some great savings!

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