The Strangest Custom Song We’ve Ever Done

The average custom song order consists of a generous soul (or souls) getting a song as a gift for a very lucky soul, and typically the song will be about that person. Once upon a time however, we had a client with a different idea.

Instead of commissioning a song about the recipient of the gift, this crafty gift giver hired us to write a song about a keen interest that he had. What was this keen interest? Satin Bower Birds.

This song was one of Custom Serenade’s first orders, and it came at a time when digital recording was new and I was still figuring out everything that was possible. The client also gave me the green light as far as being creative and, well, weird.

While doing some research to find some interesting facts about these lovely creatures, I stumbled upon some samples of the sounds they made. I decided to use them. I had just gotten a Theremin. I decided to use that too!

So, although the recording sounds a bit primitive by our current standards, we still consider this to be the most unusual song we’ve done to date. There is a close second, but we’ll save that for another post!

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