What Customers Are Saying

~Michelle Traver
Niskayuna, NY

It’s a great gift that we will cherish for a lifetime and play at our future milestone anniversaries. Thank you for bringing my creative writing to life through music, Billy!

Peter Pratt
Edinburgh, Scotland

Couldn't have been a more fun and simple process. Friendly, polite, and charming. The final song was brilliant, the words were wonderfully crafted out of the ramblings in a very long email with some random facts about my friends, clever, witty and very sweet, managed to cover everything from EarthShips to their cat in a four and a half minute pop opus. I couldn't be happier.

James Morgan
Carrboro, NC

It was perfect. Monica loved it. I first played it for her yesterday morning, and it was the centerpoint of a big rock'n'roll party we held for her last night.

San Francisco, CA

Oh my goodness, it's PERFECT! I love it! I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until next week to give it to him. Thank you so much, I am so excited.

Johnson City, TN

It is perfect! I love it and I know he will love it too. You made it all flow together. It is perfect. Thank you so much.

Matt and Teri
Atlanta, GA

Billy did a great job and created a beautiful song for my engagement proposal. It was the best compliment to the rest of the plans for a very special day. I know that Teri and I will cherish the song and memories for a lifetime.

Cary NC

Linda and I and our four adult children loved the song. It was absolutely brilliant...

Mazier, Iraq

It was absolutely brilliant - I played it before our 7th wedding anniversary and my wife just loved it. The lyrics and the accompanying music are simply great. It is so easy to do and so rewarding. Thanks Billy.

Ariel Carpenter
Sacramento, CA

I don't know if I have ever heard anything so wonderful and wiggly before! That was grrrrrreat! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think I'm going to have to listen to it once a day, at least, until my hearing goes. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

Shiri Lazarovich
Montreal, Canada

Honestly, every one in the family loved your song. By the end of her birthday dinner, about 15 people were singing it to her...i handed out the lyrics..it was really cute...=)..it had several people even in tears....

Durham, NC

The song is amazing! I started crying while listening to it.
You perfectly captured the essence of my dad.
My father is impossible to shop for. For his seventieth birthday, I wanted to do something extra special. Getting Billy to write a custom serenade was the perfect gift! My father was overjoyed to have a song written just for him. It is the gift that keeps giving. He recently told me that he still listens to the song weekly. Billy does great work. He perfectly captured my father’s personality through song. His custom serenade has become a personal anthem that everyone in my family can join in singing.

J. Verdone
Austin, TX

Janice LOOOOOOOOOVED the song. She tells me all the time that she listens to it with her family. She said it was the BEST birthday present she's ever received. The sitcom that is her life has continued, and now she has a theme song to go with her crazy life.