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Vintage Father’s Day Cards

Here at Custom Serenade, we’re into ways of expressing gratitude for any and all holidays. Thus, we have here for your viewing pleasure, a collection of vintage Father’s Day cards. If you’re looking for a unique and awesome way to express yourself on Father’s Day, consider getting a custom song from us!


Buttonholin’ Ya vintage card

Buttonholin' Vintage Father's Day Card


Let’s fuss over ya! Father’s Day card advertisement


Vintage Father's Day from Gibson


The ultra-classic vintage Father’s Day card!

Classic Father's Day Card

The word “Pop” shows up as a pun in many vintage Father’s Day cards.

POPulation Card


This one’s for the cowboy/pilot/farmer/sailor dad!

Airplane Father's Day


Father’s Day is a time to honor the man who helped raise you and who loves you unconditionally. There are many ways of doing that, but cards have been a tried and true staple of this holiday. We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of vintage Father’s Day cards, and that you’ll find many wonderful ways to tell your dad how you feel about him. If you need help with that task, we’re here for you! At Custom┬áSerenade, we write and record songs for any occasion. Give us a little information about your dad, and we’ll turn that information into a song that’ll be the hit of the party! We’ve done some great Father’s Day songs in the past, and would love to work on one with you! Just follow this link for more information. Happy Father’s Day!