Song of the Week – “Tears on Fire” by Weyes Blood and Ariel Pink

When I’m not writing and recording custom songs just for you, I’m usually listening to music and I love to share what I’ve been listening to! My Song of the Week may or may not be a recent release. It might be the new discovery of a missed jewel, or a past love that has resurfaced. Regardless, it will always be the song that I listen to the most during any given week.


Ariel Pink and Weyes Blood


There’s a lot to like about “Tears on Fire,” the lead track from Myths 002, the new collaboration between Ariel Pink and Weyes Blood. It’s weird, it’s beautiful, it’s surprising, and at times it’s even funny.


This four-song EP was my introduction to Weyes Blood (pronounced Wise Blood), which is the pseudonym for musician Natalie Merring. A quick perusal of her substantial solo catalog reveals an accomplished folk artist with classical leanings and a stellar voice. I’m looking forward to becoming more familiar with her music, not only as a means of discovery, but also because it might give me some insight into how the songwriting duties on Myths 002 were split between these two ultra-talented individuals on the EPs two original tracks.


I’ve been a long time admirer of Ariel Pink, but this EP has turned me into a bona fide fan. He has an incredible ear for melody, an ability to resurrect forgotten pop culture tropes and give them a modern twist, a gift for writing quirky (or not) lyrics and a sense of humor! Maybe the thing that impresses me the most about him is his ability to use the studio as an instrument to create songs with structures that twist and turn in seemingly impossible ways.


Tears on Fire showcases all of these skills. The lyrics are surreal and wrapped in an alluring melody accompanied by a relaxed synth and acoustic guitar. They pleasantly float by and then WHAM!—you get Weyes Blood’s soaring, otherworldly vocals fronting an explosion of sound! Ennio Morricone! Opera! Distorted guitar! There and gone before you have time to process!


I’m glad I heard the song before seeing the video, which emphasizes humor—and it is funny. Even without the video, Ariel Pink aping the classic rock blues yowl (think Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run”) gets me every time. But Tears on Fire is much more than funny. It’s a genuinely gorgeous and intriguing piece of music.


I like every song on Myths 002. I could have picked any of them to be my song of the week. But sometimes your first love is the one that breaks your heart the hardest, and in this case, that would be Tears on Fire.




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