Song of the week-“Glass Jar” by Tristen

When I’m not writing and recording custom songs just for you, I’m usually listening to music and I love to share what I’ve been listening to! My Song of the Week may or may not be a recent release. It might be the new discovery of a missed jewel, or a past love that has resurfaced. Regardless, it will always be the song that I listen to the most during any given week.

Tristen-Glass Jar

Anyone who has ever felt manipulated in a relationship will relate to the line “You put me in a glass jar and tap tap tap to see how I move”. It’s a thought provoking line, and when coupled with Tristen’s silky but strong voice it makes a fabulous ear-worm!

Glass Jar has a great feel.  I’d love to be able to describe it without playing the 60s card, but I’m just not that clever and it actually gives me some kind of unexplainable joy to say that it reminds me of the Byrds. It’s a text book toe tapper, head nodder and finger snapper—and if you find yourself alone in your room you might even want to dance to it. There are many things to like about this song, but the thing that gets me every time is the tambourine—which is just a straight beat, but so help me I play air tambourine every time I hear it.

Tristen has been on my radar since I was introduced to the  song “Baby Drugs” earlier this year.  She’s a versatile songwriter who isn’t content to settle for any specific style. Exploring her four full length albums will keep me busy for a while, and I like that kind of busy!

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