Retirement Song with Lyrics

Lambchops at Roomies

And scary movies

Curls and bench presses

Girls in tight dresses

Fast cars, smoking cigars

With his rum and coke

Playing practical jokes


Gary Glazer, sharp as a razor

He’s the boss, he’s the big guy

Having Christmas in July

Gary Glazer, the Bizchair king

The poster child for ADD

He’s bipolar but he’s full of life

Just ask Lacey, Kelsey, Jason, Sean

Or Lesley his wife

He likes the movies and he likes his food

Call him for dinner but don’t call him dude

Repeat Chorus

He’s passionate about his work

He really knows his office furniture

He’s a gambler and a drinker

But he goes to the gym

And he’s good to his family, employees

And friends

Gary look at everyone who cares for you

For instance Joel, your nephew

Patti and Sean, Jack the dog

David, Scott and Gilbert-

Although they’ve moved on

Pulling pranks, Gary is prone

Working for him is like working in the twilight zone

He’s been on a diet for the last ten years

But Golden Corral still elicits cheers

Repeat Chorus x2

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