Obscure Super Hero Theme Songs!

Custom Serenade has recently started offering Custom Theme songs. To celebrate our new product we’re presenting a number of theme song related posts.

The curse of the hipster is to seek the arcane in everything – and admittedly, when I began the process of determining my favorite television theme song, my immediate reaction was to scour the corners of my brain for the strangest thing my memory could conjure. I decided against doing that because it would not have yielded an honest answer. But I do genuinely enjoy probing my temporal lobe, and my fascination with the obscure is genuine. I’m glad that I took a moment to do so because what I found there was Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Rediscovering this gem from the Saturday mornings of yesteryear made me curious about other lesser known heroes who might have had a short run on tv or just have been too strange for mass consumption.

The following is a collection of obscure super hero theme songs that I either recalled or found via web searches. It is by no means complete, and I welcome any examples or thoughts on the subject to be posted on our facebook page.

So up up and away!

Here are the ladies who started it all! From the (Syd and Marty) Krofft Super Show, we have two regular Jane magazine reporters who, in a flash of light, become costumed vigilantes with an arsenal of technologically advanced gizmos. The song itself hits the funkier side of disco and bears more than a slight resemblance to the Jackson Five’s “Dancing Machine”.

Rat Pfink a Boo Boo was a low budget Batman and Robin parody that graced drive-in theaters in the late ’60s. It later found a cozy home on the Cult Classics shelves of the now defunct institution known as the video store. Although known for its low budget appeal, it seems that director Ray Dennis Steckler didn’t skimp on resources when it came to the film’s signature song. The Rat Pfink theme is a nice surf instrumental with some trippy slide guitar and other pleasant psychedelic effects. The film also contains a number of wonderfully campy original songs.

I have to admit that all I remember about Bat Girl is this song. I do not recall her origin, her abilities, or her role in the Batman universe, but the basic melody of her theme song stuck with me for years after having heard it twice at the most. Although not nearly as famous as her male counterpart, her song has way more lyrics.

I know absolutely nothing about this guy.

I will leave you with this one. Prince Namor of Atlantis isn’t a super hero I was familiar with prior to recent internet searches, but I love the economy with which his premise is given in the theme song, as well as the dramatic vocal arrangements, punctuated by the male bass (not a fish). I also chose to end with this one because it is part of a video playlist that will give you a tour of numerous marvel comics characters’ theme songs from the 1960s – some that you’ve heard, some that you haven’t, all infused with that lovely cheese that helps keep me sane.

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