Wow! You never sausage a valentine! A collection of meat themed Vintage Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a big part of what we do here at Custom Serenade, so we did a little research into the holiday and were surprised to find an assortment of bizarre vintage valentine’s day cards that featured hot dogs and other kinds of meat! We’re not sure what this says about our most romantic holiday, but here for your viewing pleasure is an assortment of meat themed vintage valentines. If you like your valentines with a little less cholesterol and a lot more romance, trying ordering a custom song from us!

Pork Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentine-Hot Dog Kisses
Hot Dog Valentine
Vintage Valentine: Hot Dog Mustard Pun
I Mustard-mit
Vintage Valentine Bring home the bacon
My bloody valentine taken a little too literally, here we get bacon straight from the source
You add spice in my life
Hot Dog Valentine number 3
Don't like to grill you...
Love will eat itself!
That aint no baloney
This valentine features a hot dog and baloney!
and that aint no baloney
Here’s a straight baloney valentine
Let's be frank...
Another “Let’s Be Frank” valentine
Slicing baloney is not my line
Slicing Baloney Valentine
The wurst part is the wait'in
Our first bratwurst entry!
Straight sausage no pun
Love in a Sausage
A better version of the last entry

Vintage Steak and Red Meat Valentines

I'll stake my heart on you
Super creepy steak valentine

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Hot Dog!
Another hot dog valentine
I'll veal so happy
This is just plan sick
Grinding out a wish...
Ground beef valentine
Burning for you
I often wondered where Blue Oyster Cult got their inspiration.
I'd like to meat a valentine
An all encompassing meat valentine!

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