Whether you want something spooky to play for your trick-or-treaters, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Halloween enthusiast, Custom Serenade is well-equipped to create the perfect Halloween song for you! We’ve got oodles of fun sound effects and a lot of experience when it comes to creating Halloween songs. Billy Sugarfix, the owner and principal songwriter here at Custom Serenade, is also a Theremin virtuoso! Don’t know what a Theremin is? Think sci-fi and classic horror soundtracks, and then listen to the song below (the Theremin comes in at 1:37!). Once you check out the following songs, we’re sure you’ll agree that Custom Serenade is the place to musically trick out your treats!

Custom Serenade fans wrote and submitted Halloween-themed haikus, and we put them to music! Here’s the result!

Billy’s band from the ’90s was (and still is) famous for its holiday-themed music, and here’s a sample of one of their original Halloween songs.

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