Google Lou

In August I often find myself reviewing the custom songs that I’ve done over the past year, and thought I’d take an opportunity to share some of my favorites! This one is about an extremely interesting lady with a wide array of appealing characteristics that translate well into song lyrics! The song itself turned out to be a nice pop number with some interesting electronic effects thrown in. I had a blast working with all the rhyme schemes that lend themselves to Lou’s numerous nicknames! So, here’s the song, and also a fantastic graphic created by her husband, Jason! The lyrics are also included in this post. Enjoy!

You’re mind is like the internet
a vast array of knowledge that
propels the many things you do
provides the nickname “Google Lou”

You’re massively untidy
But your -brilliance is blinding
You’re a woman of substance
You’re Jason’s ideal romance

You can mix in any circle
that you find yourself a part of
high flying studio executives
or old men in a pub

Chorus 1
Enan and Bea
Love you endlessly
Oh you’re the bee’s knees
Anna Louise

So throw another dinner party
Or go out with the birds
You’re a brilliant party animal
And you’ve got a way with words

You fall asleep on the last train
back from London
you wake miles away
and take a cab back home

A film journalist with a twist
and a passion for Oscar Wilde
You’re always pausing movies
To see if someone has died

Chorus 2
Here’s to you Lou
Here’s a chorus for Doris
Oh you’re the bee’s knees

Your forever broadening
Your very wide horizon
Traveling and writing
And the many things you’ve done

Here’s hoping you find a spring or a fountain
A source of endless cosmopolitans

Repeat Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus 2

A woman of substance
Jason’s ideal romance
For all that you do
Here’s to you……..Lou

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