Garageband 10 For Beginners – Musical Typing

Recording is a big part of what we do here at Custom Serenade, so we’ve gotten to know a lot of digital recording software systems. Although we use Logic Pro X for our projects, we’ve found that Garageband is the best software for people who are new to digital recording. We’ve used Garageband to teach classes on digital recording to kids and teens at numerous schools and arts centers, and now want to share our step-by-step, easy-to-follow teaching methods by providing video tutorials. In this video, we teach you how to use the Musical Typing feature in Garageband. Musical Typing allows you to use your computer’s keyboard to create music on your Mac with no additional equipment required! This tutorial is great for children or anyone who’s curious about using Garageband. The steps are also listed below the video. Enjoy!

Using Musical Typing

1. Open Garageband by clicking on its icon in your dock, or in your applications folder.

2. Double click “Empty Project”.

3. In the Garageband window, there should be a track that says “Classic Electric Piano”. Click on it, then go to the menu at the top of the screen and select “Window” then “Show Musical Typing”. Alternatively, you can also use “command K” to open the musical typing window.

4. Your musical typing window should appear. At this point, you can type on your computer’s keyboard and you will hear the sound of the Classic Electric Piano.

Recording in Garageband

Garageband Musical typing for beginners
Record Button

1. Start your recording by clicking on the button with a red circle in it, located near the top of the Garageband window, above your Classic Electric Piano track. You will hear a four click count in and then you can begin your musical typing. This time, your work will be recorded!

2. Stop your recording by using the button with a square in the middle located to the left of the record button, OR just press your space bar to stop.

3. To listen back to your recording, press the return key, which will take you back to the beginning. Then, press the space bar to start your playback.


Choosing new sounds for Musical Typing

Garageband Musical Typing for Beginners1. Create a new track by clicking the button that looks like a plus sign (+)  just above the Classic Electric Piano track on the left-hand side. Another Classic Electric Piano track will appear. Click on it.

2. On the far left side of your Garageband window, you’ll see your library. Beneath the picture of the electric piano, you have a list of instrument categories.

3. Choose one of the categories and click on it to see a list of instruments. Choose an instrument, click on it, and then begin typing! You should hear a new sound.

In a nutshell, that is how you use Musical Typing to make music on your Mac! In the video, we go on to point out some fun things you can do once you’ve done a little recording, and we hope that you’ll give it a look. We also hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful!

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