Unfortunately, this offer expired on August 31, but we often offer specials like this on our Facebook page, so join us there for music and gifting related fun!

That’s right, FOR FREE we will write and record a song that celebrates your incredible greatness, propelling you to the heights of a superhero, and letting the world know via melody and rhythm how awesome you are!

Here’s the deal: if you order a custom song from us at the regular price or refer a friend to Custom Serenade and they place an order with us, then you will get a theme song AT NO CHARGE for your self or anyone on your gift list. Heck, we’ll even do a theme song for your pet!

So, let’s get the ball rolling! Place your order here or send us an email if you have any questions.

Listen to this song sample, then get in touch with your inner super hero and let’s get you a theme song of your own!

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