Father’s Day Song with Lyrics

Father’s Day Song

Jimmy Rogers, Jimmy Rogers
Has a son and three daughters
He’s the firm foundation
For his friends and relations
He’s a real estate lawyer
And a grandfather
If you ever meet him
Consider it an honor

Opinions and advice
Offer them he might
Though some won’t admit it
He is usually right
Occasionally grumpy
But before too long
He’s back to singing musical
Theatre songs

Repeat Chorus

He’s an ideal illustration
of intelligence and patience
With the right approach
To make a top notch soccer coach
and a first class husband
Still very much in love
From the days at Wake Forest
Things haven’t changed much

Repeat Chorus

May a thousand toy lead soldiers
Come marching to the door
Of the beach house out on
Pine Knoll Shores
Followed by a golden retriever
Named Charlie
To the man who once sang
with Ray Charles at a party

Repeat Chorus

Get started on a song for your dad!

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