How long does it take?

The basic custom song usually takes a week to 10 days. It can take longer during peak seasons, or it can take less time when things are slow. If you order a custom song with revisions (Custom Song Deluxe), the amount of time depends on how many revisions you require and how quickly you and I communicate. Regardless of which package you choose, we do often accept rush orders for an increased price.

Do you offer CDs?

Unfortunately, we do not. All of our songs are sent to you electronically as music files. In the early days, we did all of our work via CD and slowly phased them out as technology advanced. But, with the music files we send, you can easily burn a CD yourself!

Can you do a song that’s not a gift?

Yes! We’ve done commercial jingles, songs for corporate events, theme songs for radio shows, blogs, and podcasts, etc. We can write and record a song about pretty much anything and are happy to do so.

Can you make a video for the song?

Yes. We do have the ability to create videos or slide shows that can accompany your song. Just ask us about it.

Can you make sheet music?

Yes. We can provide sheet music or chord charts. Sheet music for a song is $35, a chord chart is $25. We provide lyrics free with each order.

If I write the lyrics, can you write and record the song? Is it cheaper if I write the lyrics?

Yes and Yes. If you wish to write the lyrics yourself, we can create the music for you and it does cost a bit less. Check out our prices page for more info.

Who owns the song when it’s finished?

The songs are copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license. It can be shared, redistributed, remixed, etc. as long as it is not used for commercial gain.



Have other questions? Feel free to send us an email and we’ll answer you ASAP!

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