Failed Band Promo Photos!


A few years back, when  I first came across a blog post called  Ridiculous Indie Rock Band Photos  I lost it! I laughed so hard that my coffee came out my nose, which made me laugh even more (duh). These pictures were far more than just funny, they were FASCINATING! I became obsessed with failed band promo photos!

I started visiting pages like Awkward Band and Musician Photos and  and generally scouring the web for more and more weird band pics.  What I found was a virtual parade of 8×10 glossies gone wrong, featuring bellbottoms, big hair, steam punks, boy bands, and varied shades of metal!

I decided to start sharing some of my finds  on the Custom Serenade Facebook Page, and it turns out that I’m not the only one who finds these pictures amazing and comical. The pictures garnered lots of likes and comments. Before long, a trend started to emerge in which people would start making up fictitious names for the bands.  This added a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of these pictures, and I wanted MORE!  So, I began posting the pictures every Friday with the request “MAKE UP A NAME FOR THIS BAND”.

The following is a collection of some of my favorites. Each photo is accompanied by the band’s made up name, and also the Facebook friend that thought of it.

Thanks to everyone who has participated, and if you feel inclined to join us please do!

The Howling Mandels-Tom Vannaman

The Chewflaccas-Jason Edwards

Adam and the Cant’s-Robby Poore

The Mag-Lytes-Kirsten Snook

The Actuaries-Ned Norland

Iggy Poop-D.J. Dedtony

Chocolate Fondouche-Brian Risk

Spandex Ballet-Stuart Somer

Mirrorball Atlas-Pete Connolly

I Married a Makeup Artist-Brad Carver

Even Cheaper Trick-Kaari Snook

I like to keep up with past clients though the Custom Serenade Facebook Page. I post about music, holidays and even offer specials on custom songs from time to time. Feel free to join us!

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