Eno the Emu Song

Facebook fans asked for it, so here it is.

There’s a bird on the lamb
In the heart of tarheel country
It’s big and it’s fast and known
For its cunning

Oh it runs like the river
That’s how it got its name
Eno is surely in the
Emu hall of fame

Oh Eno Eno
Where did you come from
Where did you go

Oh Eno Eno
An avian outlaw

Eno the Emu
Those that have seen you
Are few

For over a month
You’ve been on the run
But what do you do for fun

Maybe you go to the disco

Look at those vestigal wings go!
It swallowed some rocks at the bar you shoulda seen it
Whoa it just jumped two feet in the air
Man, this bird can really get down!
Is it a boy or a girl
I don’t know, but if it were a girl, its neck would turn blue during mating season and it would lay eggs that look like avocados
What if it were a boy?
It would probably watch sports and listen to classic rock
Dude, it’s no match for Eno the Emu

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