Valentine’s Day

NEW love song lyrics logo no textIf you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gift, then look no further! What we offer are original songs written for and about your darling, based on information that comes from your heart.

You tell us about your sweetheart, then we take that information and use it to craft a beautiful song that we will then produce and record. The end result is a high-quality sound file containing music and lyrics specifically about your darling! (Go here if you are interested in writing the lyrics yourself.)

Listen to this great song sample!

Romantic Song

The process is simple. Begin by filling out this form.







Next, select which pricing option works best for you. A 50% deposit is required before we start the writing process, with the remaining balance to be paid when your song is completed. These pay buttons will charge you for half of the song.

Custom Song Basic – $200.

You submit your information, and in approximately one week, we send you a song! Simple as that!

Downpayment for one basic custom song – $100.00
I’ll bill you for the remainder once I’ve delivered the song.

Custom Song Deluxe – $300.

This option offers a step-by-step revision process. We send you the lyrics, you approve them, we then send you rough recordings of the song to ensure that it has the appropriate feel, then we make the final recording!

Downpayment for one deluxe custom song – $150.00
I’ll bill you for the remainder once I’ve delivered the song.