Custom Serenade’s Very First Custom Song

Custom Serenade was born out of sheer demand. Something about my style of songwriting spoke to the crafty gift giver and people started asking me to write songs as gifts. The first custom song that I ever did was actually recorded on a cassette! You can read more about my songwriting adventures before the incarnation of Custom Serenade here.

Custom Serenade became official just as high speed internet and digital recording were becoming options in the home. I recall just having gotten a pro tools set up for my wavy dome looking imac and being simultaneously baffled and amazed by how it worked when I got a message on Friendster (that’s right…Friendster) asking if I could write a custom birthday song for a friend.

So, I fumbled and flopped through the complicated world of computer recording, learning as I went along, and the result is the custom birthday song I’ve posted here. I hadn’t learned to use MIDI instruments yet and everything was recorded very much as though I were using an analog 4-track. It is a little rough around the edges but I thoroughly enjoyed working on it, and it served the purpose that custom songs should serve. It conveyed the sentiment of the clients through an original melody, and with lyrics that celebrate all of the unique qualities of the recipient. The folks that commissioned the song were very happy with it!

Lots of people heard it, and it is funny that my friends split into two groups: Those who told me that I should think of a business name and print up business cards, and others that told me I should create a website. Thus was life at the dawn of the new millennium.

I do not remember whether I got business cards before or after the creation of the Custom Serenade website, but I am happy to report that at the time of posting this I have both. If you are reading this you have obviously found the website, and if you would like some of my business cards please contact me! I’ll send you a whole bunch of them!

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