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Katie and Craig!

Here’s a custom song that tells the story of a fantastic couple, AND they made a video for it! Thanks Craig and Katie!
If you’d like a song to tell your story, get started here!


Right now you’ve got right now
So into the moment
Devoted to each other
Soaking up every day
You have together
Music and mountain bikes
TV shows or taking hikes
You must have met in
Different lives

Craig and Katie
When you first started dating
Despite the distance
you kept things consistent
It’s a long way from Kansas City
To Phoenix
But you go where your dream is
And for Katie that dream was named Craig

Repeat Chorus

One loves sketchy Chinese restaurants
The other love fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts
One loves ice tea, the other hot coffee
One is tech illiterate, the other a gadget geek

But if you stick together, the future is bright
No matter what it brings there will always be
Kombucha time

Craig will do anything to
To keep Katie smiling
Making up songs to sing
And dancing so wildly
He’s the hot guy in yoga class
He’s climbed Mt. Ranier
He’s caring and thoughtful
optimistic and sincere

Repeat Chorus