Best Custom Songs of 2015

2015 was a great year for Custom Serenade, mainly due to the interesting songs that we were lucky enough to work on, and the wonderful people that we had the pleasure of working with! Included here are some of our favorites from the past year, not in any particular order. If you enjoy listening to these custom songs, consider joining us on Facebook where we often post songs as well as music related fun, gifting advice, and also special offers!

Curtain Call Drama Society
Curtain Call Drama Society

Curtain Call is a drama society from the U.K. that provides cultural capital to their community! We feel lucky to have been commissioned to write and record their theme song! Keep up with the great work that they are doing here

Next we have a song for a great lady who has a lot of caring friends who helped create this great song for her! So, here’s wishing her many great shopping sprees and happy travels in the future!

Having a man commission a song for the love of his life is something we’ve done a lot, but this guy wasn’t content to stop there. He also created this great video to go with it! That’s what we call going above and beyond! Clearly, Barbie is a deserving partner.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case it was a gift not to one person, but to three of them. Here, a crafty gift giver treated her Mom, Sister and Aunt to this surprising present! Each year the McPhilimy women travel for the holidays, and you can hear all about it in this song!

Now we have a song from a loving husband and his son, to a wonderful wife and Mother. She’s always there whenever they need her, and so they gave a little something back! It doesn’t get any better than this.

This one was commissioned for a birthday, but it could just as easily have been for Father’s Day. Here’s to a great,interesting and FANTASTIC guy! A world traveler, piano player and more. This song features a kazoo solo!

Weddings are a big part of what we do, and this was a special wedding indeed! Reading the information submitted for this song was like reading an adventure novel, and hopefully the end result will make you feel like dancing. I had the pleasure of actually doing a live performance at a pre-ceremonial party!

Here’s a song from a gal to a guy! It is a rocking tribute to a great boyfriend, and it was lots of fun to work on. Perhaps some day we’ll all benefit from one of Ben’s great inventions. In the mean time, let’s rock out with his song!

Well, that’s it for the 2015 list. Here’s hoping that 2016 will yield just as many great tunes. If you’re interested in getting a custom song for any reason at all, let us know about it!

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