Best Albums of 2015

Music is our bread and butter here at Custom Serenade, so I thought I’d start off the new year by sharing some of my favorite music from 2015! Enjoy the list, and consider getting a custom song! It will make any happy occasion even happier!

Sonny and the Sunsets

Best Albums of 2015

10. Hot Chip-Why Make Sense?
Hot Chip are an electronic music band that posses great songwriting skills and brilliant musicianship. Check out “White Wine and Fried Chicken” for a taste of their quirky talents.

9. Dwight Yokum-Second Hand Heart
Dwight Yokum writes country songs that rock. Nothing fancy, just great music and engaging lyrics.

8. Shamir-Ratchet
Reminiscent of Michael Jackson but edgier, Shamir is an amazing singer that delivers a thought provoking dance party on his debut album.

7. Avid Dancer-1st Bath
This album is full of good songs. Certainly the best indie pop album of the year, and one of the best period.

6. The Minus 5-Dungeon Golds
This album contains reworkings of songs from a vinyl box set entitled “Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of horror”, the result being a stellar collection of guitar rock. It features an all star cast including members of R.E.M. and Wilco.

5. Courtney Barnett-Sometimes I sit and think, And Sometimes I just Sit
There’s nothing I can say about Courtney Barnett that hasn’t already been said. Her surreal lyrics delivered in a thick Aussie accent over grunge guitar pretty much ruled 2015.

4. Celestogramme-Wish Vehicles
There was a lot of great neo-psych this past year, and my next three choices all fit into that category. Celestogramme’s “Wish Vehicles” is a meticulous study of psychedelia and dark 60s pop. If you are a fan of either, I’d highly recommend it!

3. Jacco Gardner-Hypnophobia
Let’s keep the incense burning with some more mysterious psych from the Netherlands! Hailed as “Dutch baroque pop” by Pitchfork, this album filled many hours for me last year.

2. Sonny and the Sunsets-Talent Night at the Ashram
On the lighter side of psychedelia we have Sonny and the Sunsets delivering some pleasant and dream like pop. Every song on this album has something to offer.

1. James McMurtry-Complicated Game
This is my favorite and most listened to album of 2015. McMurtry is a master lyricist. Lots of songs tell stories, but with McMurtry the stories have a clarity, authority and a thoroughness that few if any can match. He eloquently presents gritty scenes of America in the budding new millennium so precisely that they should be included in a time capsule.

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