Failed Band Promo Photos 2

There are some unusual ideas about band photos out there. When the ideas work, they can create great publicity for the band- but when the ideas don’t work, they can make for some really fun viewing.  Every Friday I post a promo shot gone wrong on the  Custom Serenade facebook page  and ask friends to come up with a name for the group.  The result is some extremely fun caption creation, and is the highlight of our social media week.  Here is a collection from the past couple of years.



Triskadekaphobia-Kaari Snook


The Claire-alls- Tom Vanaman


Spillage People- Stewart Somer


Ronalds Band-Tom-Vanaman

Mullet Over-Brian Mason



Loozerhosen- Bob Graff


Hail Satins- Pete Conolly





More failed band promo photos

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more failed promo photos, check out this post. If you would like any of these photos removed from this post for any reason, please contact Custom Serenade.