March 2018 Playlist

In addition to being a custom songwriter, I’m also a big music fan! Each month I make a playlist of the best songs I’ve discovered during the past thirty days. In most cases these are songs that have been released fairly recently, but the list might also contain an occasional gem from the past!

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The future of the Custom Song

Custom songs are a relatively new concept. It is an industry that exists almost entirely on the internet. At this point, I do not see it as being overly competitive in terms of which website a client might choose. Instead, the challenge is to legitimize the industry itself. The act of purchasing an original song written to specification as a gift or promotional tool is not something that many people think of. Before worrying specifically about competing with other websites, I feel like time should be given to raising public awareness about custom songs in general. The growth opportunity for custom songs in general and for Custom Serenade specifically hinge on making this public awareness a reality. Interest in custom songs seems likely to grow as digital technology becomes more commonplace and simple. Industry leaders have yet to emerge, but my ten years plus experience would put me in a position to consider myself an authority if not a leader.

Custom Songs or Personalized songs can be produced in a number of ways. Most are written from scratch and recorded according to the client’s needs. However niches exist such as re-writing the words to a popular song, and writing lyrics to a pre-recorded song template. There are also sites that cater specifically to children. There are also popular music performers who sell custom songs written in their specific style for their fans.

Custom songs from Custom Sereande provide not only a great gift, but also a great gift giving experience. Custom Songs give the gift giver the opportunity to express their feelings about the recipient of the gift, and to be involved to varying degrees in the creative process. It is a perfect gift solution for “the person who has everything” and for the generous person who wants to be more involved in their choice of a gift. A custom song does not take up room in the closet or on the shelf. It is not fattening and doesn’t violate any dietary restrictions. It will not wither or fade away.

Similarly, with the internet becoming ever more popular, theme songs for blogs, podcasts, and websites as well as soundtracks for videos are more in demand. At Custom Serenade we offer an affordable alternative to licensing royalty free music. With us the client will have the opportunity to tailor the music to his/her needs.