Amazingly Weird Birthday Videos for Facebook!

So, you find out on Facebook that your friend has a birthday today. What do you do? You go to their profile and write “Happy Birthday”. Gets old, right? Well, it did for me. But, being a music fanatic who often scans Youtube for unusual songs, I had run across several birthday numbers. I started posting these weird birthday videos to friends’ profiles and it went over BIG! People responded to them, liked them, thanked me. It felt great! This can work for you too! People will love you for posting something that wishes them a happy birthday in an unusual way. Your comment will stand out amongst the sea of standard two-word phrases and people will notice! So, here are a number of my favorite amazingly weird birthday videos for Facebook. Use them at will!

Birthday video cheese!

Post this to the Facebook page of anyone who likes cheesy music and eye candy!

Birthday video country style!
Fringe-clad balladeers from Germany wish you a twangy birthday!

Birthday Suit!
Here’s an oddball video from the Saturday mornings of yesteryear. Not sure their understanding of the term “birthday suit” is the same as mine.

Noisy Birthday!
Nobody does weird like The Residents.

Birthday Baby!
The animated video is as odd as the song. Great for the appreciator of understated strangeness!

Wrong holiday?
Here’s a swingin’ birthday video featuring three reindeer. Love the vintage animation!

Bollywood Birthday!
This one’s kind of long, but it’s worth it!

The title says it all!
This is one of the strangest birthday videos I’ve found, CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE (obviously)

Although weird videos are great things to post on a friend’s Facebook page, nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a custom song! We hope you’ll consider ordering one the next time a friend’s special day comes around.