A custom song is the ultimate tribute!

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and weddings are all great reasons to get custom songs, and we’ve done plenty of them. But this post is dedicated to the use of a custom song as a tribute. Often happening in conjunction with a retirement, a promotion, or some other significant milestone in the workplace, custom songs as tributes are becoming increasingly popular. Usually, it works like this: A group of co-workers pool their resources and commission the song. They each contribute some information about the person receiving the song and then we here at Custom Serenade take the information and work our musical magic!

Custom songs written as tributes are fun because they are usually full of colorful anecdotes, and we love a good story! Additionally they usually contain some good-hearted humor and ribbing. One time, we actually did a custom song for a group of rabbis for an end of year roast!

One of the main selling points of commissioning a song as a gift is that “the person who has everything” usually has not ever received a custom song. This is especially true in the workplace. If every shelf has a trophy and each inch of wall is taken up with another plaque, why not reward them with a song laden with lyrics that sing their praises!

We could talk all day long about the wonders of a custom song as a tribute, but instead we’ll let you hear a couple of them!