The Perfect Anniversary Gift for your Wife, Girlfriend or Anyone!

At Custom Serenade, a lot of our business comes from men getting gifts for their ladies.  Within this category we’ve done it all.   Dozens of guys have hired us to create songs as gifts for Valentine’s day, for their partner’s birthday, and we’ve even written songs that were used as marriage proposals!

But  within the category of men commissioning custom songs about their girlfriends or wives it seems that they are especially popular as anniversary gifts-and we have covered the whole gamut!  We’ve been hired by many proud husbands to write anniversary songs for their wives.    We’ve done one year anniversary songs, twenty year anniversary songs, and I believe a song we did for a 32 year anniversary is our high mark!  At the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve also done LOTS of songs for  guys who  have been involved in their relationships for less than one year and are quite taken with their new sweethearts.  Something about dating a girl for 6 months or 8 months screams “I should get a custom song for my girlfriend”.  I can’t tell you how many inquisitive emails I’ve gotten saying “I’ve been dating this girl for almost a year and I was thinking of getting a song for her…”

Regardless of the occasion or the length of time a couple has been together, dudes all over the world have turned to Custom Serenade when it comes time to give a gift to their girl…and they’ve never been disappointed!