Billy Surgarfix
Billy Sugarfix

Custom Serenade is the longest running custom song service on the internet. We’re currently transitioning our website to another platform. That being the case, please email us with any custom song queries and we will respond promptly.


Custom Serenade was born from sheer demand. Singer-songwriter Bill McCormick, also known as Billy Sugarfix, developed quite a reputation as a performer in the heyday of the Chapel Hill music scene. Very early in his career, he was approached by a fan who asked him to write a song for her grandfather’s birthday–which he delivered on a cassette tape!

Perhaps it was due to the playful yet poignant way he wove melody and lyrics together that requests for Billy to write songs for birthdays, weddings, and all manner of special occasions kept coming. Or maybe it was because the songs that he wrote for these events got such a positive reaction that demand increased each year!

By 2005, so many people wanted Billy’s custom songs that he founded Custom Serenade. He has since connected with hundreds of people all over the world and created unique gifts for them.

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