The Five Worst Things You Can Do on a Friend’s Birthday!

Nothing’s worse than a bummer birthday! It’s no fun to be on the receiving end of a terrible gift or poorly planned celebration, and it’s also a horrible feeling to be the one who made the blunder and ruined the day! Here are five tips to keep you from entering the birthday fail hall of fame!

5 mistakes to avoid when planning a friend’s birthday!

1. Putting someone on the spot

Some people are more private than others, and if there’s any day of the year that they should be allowed to stay in their shell and just do their thing, it’s on their birthday. They might not like being the center of attention. So consider this when choosing your activities, and for heaven’s sake, if you eat out, don’t tell the wait staff to sing the birthday song or smear dessert on their face. This can be pure agony for the introverted birthday boy or girl!

Flan on the nose of a sombrero clad birthday girl.
Not for everyone!

2. Pushing your agenda on the recipient

Perhaps you think your friend should lose a few pounds, so how about buying them a gym membership? Or maybe you think they haven’t given Scandinavian Death Metal enough of a chance, so you buy them a Visceral Bleeding anthology. BAD IDEAS! This is a special day and a celebration of who the person is, not who you wish they were.

Scandanavian Death Metal Band
You’d love it if you just gave it a chance….

3. Throwing a surprise party

If you’ve been going through a lot of stress, a room full of people jumping out from behind furniture and yelling “surprise” might not be a good thing. Just having to navigate a party you hadn’t planned on can be awkward enough in and of itself. There are countless surprise party fail stories, and that’s one party you don’t want to join!

4. Insisting on a cake

Some people are gluten-free, and others are on diets for all sorts of reasons. The goal should always be to provide a happy birthday experience, not to uphold a softly defined tradition at the expense of the recipient.

Strange birthday cake

5. Being too practical when choosing your gifts

I once bought a girlfriend a spare tire for her birthday. It didn’t go over. She cried. Luckily when we were driving to dinner, one of her nearly bald tires blew out. She still didn’t forgive me.

Sad birthday woman
Don’t let this happen to you.

The overarching advice here, is to know and consider the person who is having a birthday. Maybe they’re the outgoing type who would love having a surprise party or getting Mexican custard smeared on their nose. Or, possibly they’ve really been wanting and needing a spare tire. The trick is to really think about who they are and what they like when planning for their birthdays. If you’d like an awesome gift suggestion, try one of these!


Amazingly Weird Birthday Videos for Facebook!

So, you find out on Facebook that your friend has a birthday today. What do you do? You go to their profile and write “Happy Birthday”. Gets old, right? Well, it did for me. But, being a music fanatic who often scans Youtube for unusual songs, I had run across several birthday numbers. I started posting these weird birthday videos to friends’ profiles and it went over BIG! People responded to them, liked them, thanked me. It felt great! This can work for you too! People will love you for posting something that wishes them a happy birthday in an unusual way. Your comment will stand out amongst the sea of standard two-word phrases and people will notice! So, here are a number of my favorite amazingly weird birthday videos for Facebook. Use them at will!

Birthday video cheese!

Post this to the Facebook page of anyone who likes cheesy music and eye candy!

Birthday video country style!
Fringe-clad balladeers from Germany wish you a twangy birthday!

Birthday Suit!
Here’s an oddball video from the Saturday mornings of yesteryear. Not sure their understanding of the term “birthday suit” is the same as mine.

Noisy Birthday!
Nobody does weird like The Residents.

Birthday Baby!
The animated video is as odd as the song. Great for the appreciator of understated strangeness!

Wrong holiday?
Here’s a swingin’ birthday video featuring three reindeer. Love the vintage animation!

Bollywood Birthday!
This one’s kind of long, but it’s worth it!

The title says it all!
This is one of the strangest birthday videos I’ve found, CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE (obviously)

Although weird videos are great things to post on a friend’s Facebook page, nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a custom song! We hope you’ll consider ordering one the next time a friend’s special day comes around.

Ivy, you’re a rose of a lady

Custom songs about birthdays provide us with a lot of great experiences. We love learning about the people who are having birthdays, and also getting to know the clients that commission the songs. Every birthday is special to us, but certainly all will agree that the one we are about to describe is extra special.

Ivy turned 102 last year and Custom Serenade was lucky enough to play a part in the celebration by writing and recording a song about her. She’s a fascinating woman with a keen sense of humor, a sweet tooth, and a lot of great stories to tell. The song itself is one that avoids specific genres and focuses on an overall nice feel and melody that attempt to reflect the positive outlook of Ivy herself. We hope you enjoy Ivy’s song, and be sure to check out the lyrics as well!


Chorus 1:
Ivy, you’re a rose of a lady
With oh so many stories to tell
Of the time you spent in Cornwall and Kent
And other tales from your endless well

If anybody asks you’ll say that life is wonderful
You always see the glass as half full
Sweeter than millionaires shortbread
You don’t mind a cheeky cider every now and then

Chorus 2:
Cinders, We’re so lucky you’ve been here
For more than one hundred years
With a smile so wide and a heart so grand
It’s lovely to hear you laugh

Hear the black bird sing so beautifully
Think about your wonderful family
Maybe get hooked on an audio book
Or lose yourself in your memories

Chorus 1

You’re a Mother and a Granny
Always go to church on Sunday
You’re a member of the Women’s Institute
No crossword is too cryptic
You love watching cricket
And you’ve got a real sweet tooth

But there is a mystery,
Befuddling and baffling
How have you lived over a hundred years
Without ever eating your greens

Chorus 2

Around the Car Park take Trixie for a trip
Feel the soft breeze and think about Pip
Going to the port, oh the late night drives
Waiting for Francis to arrive

Chorus 1

You’re positive and generous
Known for your sense of humor and fun
Some call you Cinders others call you M
Everywhere you go, you make new friends

Chorus 2 and 1