Custom Songs

Artist owned and operated since 2004.

The web’s longest standing custom song creator!

How does it work?

Fill out a simple questionnaire, choose your pricing package, we write and record the song!

That’s it!

We’ll take care of the rest.

Why a custom song?

A unique gift that is perfect for the person who has everything.

Personalized songs are an exciting opportunity that offers a special way to say exactly what you want to say on any occasion. Whether you want a custom wedding song, a theme song for your blog or website, a birthday gift, or to celebrate romance or an anniversary, you can rely on Custom Serenade to provide the perfect musical gift! Plus they don’t rot your teeth, cause you to gain weight or take up space in the closet!

Why Custom Serenade?


For over 10 years we have created custom songs for hundreds of clients all over the world. From custom love songs, to custom songs for the holidays, we really do turn the gift of music up to 11!


We believe that stories make the world go around, and when you trust us to tell yours, rest assured that it will receive the focus and thought that it deserves.


We produce songs that are both playful and poignant, a rare combination of attributes that work amazingly well to create one of a kind original songs for you, or the things and people that you love.

Artist owned and operated

There is no corporate wall or crowd sourcing here. Custom Serenade is owned and run by its principal songwriter, whose writing style inspired fans to commission the songs which eventually led to the creation of custom serenade.