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Custom Songs, or Personalized Songs are original tunes written using information or lyrics that you provide. At Custom Serenade, our mission is to create a meticulously crafted custom song based on your information or lyrics that will convey and elevate the sentiment of your words while providing an experience and product that will reward all involved. We have written well over 100 custom songs for satisfied customers all over the world for all sorts of occasions. Our finely honed melodies make perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or holidays. We also do theme songs for blogs, podcasts, websites and commercial jingles. In short, whatever you want a song written about, send us the information and we’ll make it happen! A custom song is not an object, it is a collection of feelings and memories presented in the form of lyrics and melody unlike anything the recipient already owns. It is also TOTALLY GREEN-There is no packaging, no shipping, and nothing to throw away. Custom songs aren’t fattening, they don’t rot your teeth, they don’t take up room on the shelf or closet, AND PEOPLE LOVE THEM!